Lenovo’s new App brings VR to every game

Today at CES Lenovo revealed a new App called  Entertainment Hub, a single VR-based application for your games and media library. Lenovo’s Entertainment Hub turns all your TV shows, Movies, and even games into VR content. Even the games that are not natively built for VR platform can be played in Virtual Reality environment.

There is nothing groundbreaking with media playback mode while watching  TV shows and Movie the app turns your surrounding into a movie theater.Pretty much the same thing that all VR headsets are doing. The real surprise comes in the gaming department, the app can scale and turn your Non-VR games into the VR material. The VR headset tracks your head motions and you can use a standard Xbox controller to interact with the game.

It is not clear how many games will actually be playable using this app, but according to Lenovo every game can be transformed into the VR content. One of the biggest problem with the VR platform is the lack of content availability and it is good to see companies like Lenovo coming up with the smart ways to fix this problem.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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