CES 2017: We need to talk about the insane cabinet prices

This is an opinion piece and only covers our thoughts on the topic. Everyone else may have different opinions. So we were watching some CES 2017 coverage, hoping to see some great announcements in the gaming section. But all we got is more RGB modules and unnecessary expensive hardware. And no we are not talking about that $9000 gaming laptop or that three screen Razor Valerie. We are talking about the computer cabinets.

We get to see a lot of unique cabinet designs from a number of manufacturers, what was common in all of those though was the insane pricing. Every cabinet we liked was around $500 to $900. Paying that kind of money for a fancy box is no brainer. We all know this isn’t mean for everyone, but we just didn’t just saw one or two of them. Almost every cabinet was priced in that range.

Alright, so many of you guys may be saying this isn’t just a cabinet it has some features or this is CES so everyone has to bring their top game. We are just afraid that it is becoming a trend now. We got some real cool announcements in the budget gaming section. Both Asus and Dell announced their $800 gaming laptops for 2017.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic down in the comment section. Stay tuned for the updates.

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